Cellcom Terms & Conditions

Return Policy for Bell Mobility Postpaid and Prepaid customers:

At Cellcom, we want to be sure you are happy with your device. If you are not completely satisfied, you may exchange or return your device if you meet the following four conditions:

1) You return the device within 30 days of your commitment start date.
2) You return the device and original receipt to your purchase location.
3) The device is in “like new” condition with all original packaging, manuals and accessories included.
4) You have not used the device excessively, in violation of our Responsible Use of Bell Services Policy.

You are responsible for all service charges incurred prior to returning the device. SIM cards and headsets cannot be exchanged or refunded once opened or activated. You can return up to two devices per subscriber on your account during the same 15-day return period.

If you are a person with a disability, the same conditions apply, however, you may return your device within 30days of your commitment start date.

Return Policy for mobile accessories:

Accessories can be returned within 15 days of original purchase for refund or exchange, excluding headsets and earpieces for which we cannot accept returns due to health and safety reasons.

Each accessory must be returned in “like new” condition and in the original packaging with all the components included at purchase.

Defective accessories purchased for more than 15 days but less than 30 days (from original purchase date) may be exchanged over-the-counter.

For accessory warranty claims exceeding 30 days from date of purchase, please contact the manufacturer.

How to cancel a service:

To cancel your Bell Mobility service after it’s been activated, call 1-800-667-0123.

To cancel your Bell Home phone service after it’s been activated, call 1 866 310-BELL (310-2355).

To cancel your Digital Voice service after it’s been activated, call 1-877-864-7435.

To cancel your Bell Internet service after it’s been activated, call 310-SURF (7873).

To cancel your Bell Satellite TV service, call 1-888 SKY DISH (759-3474).

Cellcom Infinity:

The holder of this plan will see the manufacturer’s warranty, respecting all the same terms and conditions, extended by the equivalent of the duration of the plan for which he subscribed. The service plan with commence the day following the end of the original manufacturer’s warranty expiry date. On that day and for the period of the term agreed upon, Cellcom Communications will be responsible for all warranty claims.

This plan does not replace, in any case, the manufacturer’s responsibilities towards his customer, and is summarized as an agreement between its holder and Cellcom Communications for the term of the extended period. At the time of the request for indemnity, the holder of this plan must present a proof of purchase at the original point of sale of the defective product.



INFINITY APPLEUp to iPhone 8 Pluscheckcheck2
INFINITY APPLEXiPhone X/XR/XS/XS Maxcheckcheck2
INFINITY SAMSUNGSamsung devices (S Line)checkcheck2
INFINITY SAMSUNG A8Samsung devices (A line)checkcheck2
INFINITY LGLG devicescheckcheck2
INFINITY GOOGLEGoogle devicescheckcheck2
INFINITY MOTOROLAMotorola devicescheckcheck2
INFINITY BLACKBERRYBlackberry Devices checkcheck2
INFINITY HUAWEIHuawei Devicescheckcheck2
INFINITY SONYSony Devicescheckcheck2
INFINITY WATCHWatch productscheckcheck1
INFINITY TAB+All tabletscheckcheck1
INFINITY SMARTPHONE+Device less than $399 (Full Retail Price)checkcheck2
INFINITY PREMIUMDevices more than $500 (Full Retail Price)checkcrossNA
INFINITY SMARTPHONEDevices $300-$499.99 (Full Retail Price)checkcrossNA
INFINITY BASICDevices $0-$299.99 (Full Retail Price)checkcrossNA
INFINITY3Added to any infinity warranty. Additional 1 year warranty.
CELLCOM SWITCHTransfer of the infinity if unused *Certain conditions apply


AllAllSIM CardUnlimited exchanges for 3 years2 exchanges for 2 yearsCase exchange2 exchanges for 3 years


Phone value is between $0-$350Phone value is $350 and higher

The client is able to purchase a warranty 30 days after original purchase of device.


Products other than cellular devices

If the defective product appears to be defective according to the standards established by the manufacturer, Cellcom Communications will then replace the defective product protected by the Cellcom Plus plan by the same product or by one with similar characteristics if the original model is no longer available. All accessories included at the time of the initial purchase (cables, batteries, antennas, adapters, transformers etc…) must be returned with the defective product to also be replaced.

Cellular Devices

If the cellular device appears to be defective according to the standards established by the manufacturer, Cellcom Communications will then send the unit for repair at its own expense. In the event that the product cannot be repaired, the unit will be replaced by the same phone model, or by one with similar characteristics if the original model is no longer available. In the case of a unit exchange, the service plan will terminate 90 days following the date of exchange. 

Repairs or replacements will not be covered by the warranty due to excessive wear physical abuse damages caused by sand, dirt or by liquid substance (water or other) fortuitous occurrences or any other situations not respecting the manufacturer’s conditions. 

Only the eligible products printed on a proof of purchase and associated with a service plan are covered.

Not covered by this service plan

The replacement of all fuses, bulbs, filters or other product or product components having a predetermined life spend, as well as cables, cassettes, diskettes, cellular and satellite antennas.

Terms and conditions of the Cellcom Switch program:

This service will allow you to receive a store credit for the amount of the service plan that you have purchased on your invoice towards your future purchase.

Only the expired plans without any claims are valid

Credit is available within the 30 days after the expiration of the extended service plan

Original invoice will have to be provided

Cannot be transferable to any other serial number within the term of the agreement

Cellcom holds no responsibility for any loss or delay

Credit is applicable on purchase of accessories and service plans and has no monetary value

Credit can only be issued at the same point of sale of original purchase

Credit will be issued on the same day if client meets all terms above

Terms and conditions of the Infinity3 Program:

Additional 12 months of your infinity coverage, maximum terms covered of the infinity program and infinity3 is 36 months.