Why Should Large Businesses Install Solar Panels?

10 Apr 2014

Let’s be real. It’s already 2014 and we’re all wondering why pollution is still one of the world’s biggest issues what with all the technologies we have these days. There are so many ways for everyone in the world to take a couple steps a day for the improvement of our Earth. On the plus side though, we’ve far advanced from factories dumping waste into streams and lakes. One century later, we’re left to question ourselves why big businesses haven’t all taken the next step towards helping the environment along with solar energy systems.


However, not to be mistaken, many large companies today like Walmart, Apple, and IKEA have all started making super large investments in solar energy. Solar energy systems work to power businesses with energy from the sun through the use of solar panels. Solar panels work to convert sunlight into power. As such, solar energy is also considered clean energy! Compare this to fossil fuel energy, which is altogether a non-renewable resource that is always on the rise in the market.


Speaking of markets, let’s talk money. In many of today’s most iconic businesses, they recognize that electricity costs are actually the single largest operating expense. A solar energy system gives protection against electricity rate increases because solar energy prices have recently been declining. Currently, solar panels now cost $0.75 per watt while the cost of coal, a fossil fuel, has risen 13% since 2008. As predicted by Citigroup, the cost per watt of solar prices may dip to only 25 cents! That’s less than a bag of chips these days if you think about it. If the prices of solar energy systems continue to fall, then let’s face it, think about all the money you can save when a huge chunk of it doesn’t go to your electric bill.


So big businesses, what do you think? If the economic benefits of switching to solar energy systems haven’t yet convinced you to convert from fossil fuels, let’s bring out the big guns and talk ethics. As a business, you and your business is inclined to do good for your community and your environment. And it’s pretty clear as it is: solar energy, good; fossil fuels, bad. But just how bad are fossil fuels?


Mining for coal and other fossil fuels may cause drainage of acid into rivers and streams and that’s a whole ecosystem right there if you remember high school biology. People are just generally healthier if they can breathe in a pollution free world. If this doesn’t scare you, maybe this will: there are emissions of 381,740,601 pounds of toxic carbon dioxide, methane, and other nasty gases annually from the mining and use of fossil fuels. Pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases and other air pollutants that can cause acid rain, smog, breathing problems, and even cancer! I’m not sure about you, but I’d prefer not to get horribly ill from just living on this planet for a couple more decades. Or ever, actually.


Like I said before, many of today’s biggest businesses have already invested in solar energy systems to stay ahead in business. In order to effectively use solar energy systems to the best of their abilities, I recommend also investing in Sorapro solar energy products that monitor systems to make sure all tech works well. You can visit their website at www.sorapro.com to find out more about their products that range from residential-geared to commercial-geared technology. It’s not too late to take that step to improve the quality of your environment, and it’s definitely not too late to save huge chunks of your company’s hard earned revenue from enormous energy bills!

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