What’s Good About the iPhone 6

19 Sep 2014

There’s been a lot of PR about Apple’s new iPhone 6, and we’d like to take the time out today to shed some recent updates on this new device.

1.  Display & Size

To start, the iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch display, somewhat similar to the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6 Plus however has a 5.5 display, with a 1080 p resolution, while its smaller version has a 720p resolution.

This is good news for all you Android lovers out there, as with the iPhone 6 Plus you can enjoy a larger screen size, but now also with the new OS 8 operating system. An OS that does leaps and bounds in terms of speed compared to some of the latest Android operating systems.

If an increase in size makes you worried, don’t be, the iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with a simple ‘reach-ability’ service to maintain that such a large phone can be used with just one hand. Apple’s ‘reach-ability’ service allows for the top section of the screen to come down, making it easier to use with just one hand.

As for landscape mode, the iPhone 6 Plus is great, by offering a more sleek interface with more rows for apps like mail, along with making your typing experience all the more easier and efficient.

2. Video & Photos

Are you someone who likes to take a lot of photos and videos? Then you’re in luck! iPhone 6’s storage has increased by 120 gigabytes, so feel free to shoot away. The camera itself, like the 5S, is still 8 mega pixels, however, its focus has improved drastically. In terms of capturing video, the iPhone 6 offers a slow motion video trait that allows you to shoot 240 frames per second. As well, the iPhone 6 is also equipped with a cinematic video stabilization trait, making poor quality shots, which stems from movements and hand shaking, a thing of the past.  

3. Battery

Battery life has increased significantly compared to the 5S. The iPhone 6 can go as far as 2 days without charging.

4. Apple Pay

Sure Android has had its own pay system for some time now, but with the iPhone 6, it is now equipped with a pay service, called Apple pay, a service that’s partnered with all the right clients from Mastercard, Visa, big banks, retailers, and even restaurants.

When dining out, Apple Pay is a services that even includes the ability to pay for your bill without the hassle of leaving your table.

And unlike the Android, you’ll have no need for remembering passwords or passcodes as Apple’s new service uses your fingerprint for paying these expenses.

This is a much more safe and secure way of digital purchasing, without the possible threat of your phone falling into the wrong hands.

5. Other Features

The power buttons is now located on the right hand side, along with the volume keys being significantly larger. Speakers have drastically improved, along with interesting unique apps, like the Health App which can measure your distance in runs, how many stairs you’ve climbed, along with monitoring your exercising statistics.

If you love the iPhone then you’ll love the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Maintaining the same service and designs of previous iPhones, it’s now equipped with new standard services, to offer you the same phone you know and love, but in a more modernized style.

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