Top 7 Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps

07 Apr 2015

Let’s face it, Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best phones in the world deserves some great apps to go with it. Having said that, megapixels, processing power and pixels can only take you so far. It's what your phone does with all that stuff, that matters at the end of the day. For this occasion, we present you with some of the best Android apps to feed your Galaxy S6, to make sure it grows up big and strong.

1. Dropbox

Let's get the S6's biggest weakness out of the way first - namely, its lack of expandable storage. If you're a media hoarder or tend to snap selifes like they're going out style, then Dropbox will definitely help keep your S6's memory free. It's completely free if you're happy with 2GB of storage, or £7 a month will nab you 1TB. That's a lot of cat pictures - around 56,589, according to the calculations that we just made up on the spot.

2. Netflix

An obvious choice perhaps, but Netflix's ever-growing library is packed with great exclusive shows like Better Call Saul and Orange is the New Black - and the Galaxy S6's stunning screen is the ideal way to enjoy them all while you're out and about. Its bright colours, deliciously deep blacks and 2K resolution will do any show or film justice.

3. Pixlr

The S6 takes some of the best smartphone snaps we've ever seen in both well-lit and low light conditions. But that doesn't mean you can't tweak and edit them to make them even better. Pixlr Express is one of the slickest, most fully-featured photo editing suites out there, serving up a tonne of options from cropping, rotating and colour adjustments, to filter applications, colour splash tools and much more.

4. Atari Fit

Get fit while unlocking some Atari Arcade Classics? Talk about a win/win.The app itself can track your steps, distance and calories burned itself, or it can connect to your Jawbone or Fitbit devices. It can log over 150 exercises, supports leaderboards and lets you earn coins which let you download old favourites like Centipede, Pong and Super Breakout. And if you're feeling really lazy, you can buy the games with cash too. You cheater you.

5. SoundCloud

While SoundCloud does host actual albums and commercial tracks, it's full of hidden gems to (metaphorically) blow out your ear drums, and your mind. Our favourites are the crazy user-made mashups, like the example above. It shouldn't work. At all. But it absolutely does.

6. Imgur

There’s no point taking beautiful shots with the S6 and editing them to perfection if they’re just sitting on your phone not being appreciated. Imgur is one of the internet’s biggest image sharing sites, and it’s where you’ll find the majority of the ‘dankest memes’ around. Play your cards right, and your little moggy could be the next Mildly Annoyed Kitty.

7. VLC for Android

The vivid colours and deep blacks on the S6’s screen are ideal for on-the-go movie watching, and VLC will happily playback almost every single movie file in the known universe. From MKV to MOV, and everything in between, no file is safe from being unwatched.


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