The 25 Apps You Must Download First on Your Hot New iPhone

26 Dec 2014
So, some superstar family member or significant other gifted you an iPhone for the holidays, huh? Congrats!

Now it’s time to download some great new apps. Here are the ones recommended by Yahoo Tech.

1. Facebook 


The social networking app for posts, pokes, and polemics is a great time-waster.

2. Twitter


140-character bursts of knowledge, humor, news, and more. “Never be bored again,” as Twitter once put it.

3. Instagram


A photo-sharing app that’s all about filters. Filters and puppies. And coffee.

4. Google Maps

google maps

Apple’s Maps, though improved a bit this year, is still — how do we say? — in development. Stick with Google’s trusty app instead.

5. Seamless/GrubHub


These apps take the “call-in” part out of getting great eats delivered to your home.

6. Amazon Kindle


Bring your Kindle ebook collection to your iPhone by simply installing this app and signing in.

7. YouTube


The most popular video site on the planet. Download this app to your iPhone and never miss out on the latest and greatest music video or cute animal clip.

8. Vine


Addictive looping six-second videos. Funny, cute stuff.

9. Evernote


Create, save, and sync notes across all your mobile and desktop devices with the Evernote iPhone app.

10. Venmo


A cool, easy, and social way to send money to online friends. Essential for splitting the bill.

11. Gmail


These days, if you have a pulse, you have a Gmail account. And now, with the improvements Google has brought to its iOS Gmail app, iPhone owners can finally enjoy the full Google mail experience the same way Android phone people always have.

12. Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Facebook has made it necessary to download a second app for sending and reading private Facebook messages on your phone. So you might as well just download it.

13. Hyperlapse


From the makers of Instagram, this app is probably the best mobile tool for easily creating professional-looking time lapse videos.

14. Spotify


The iPhone app for the best streaming music service around is a must. Stream virtually any song you can think of (aside from anything in Taylor Swift discography) while you’re on the move.

15. Feedly


Use this gorgeous RSS reader app to catch up on all your news in one place.

16. Heads Up!


You may recognize this Password-like game from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but the iPhone/iPad app version topped the App Store’s 2014 “Top Paid Apps” list, too.

17. Chrome


Google’s Web browser is preferred by some over the iPhone’s default, Safari. The mobile version will sync with all your Chrome desktop browsing history and bookmarks, too.

18. Yelp


Read and post ratings on this wildly popular business-rating service while on the go.

19. Foursquare/Swarm

foursquare swarm

These apps connect you to Foursquare’s popular social “check-in” service. Its new Swarm breakout makes it easier to see what your friends are up to.

20. Google Hangouts


Google’s Hangouts lets iPhone owners text, send pictures, and video chat across other computer and mobile device platforms, and without a carrier texting plan.

21. WhatsApp


WhatsApp has more users around the world than any other mobile texting app. Join the largest instant messaging party on the planet!

22. 2048


Drive yourself mad with this incredibly popular puzzle game. (We promise it’s a good time.)

23. Snapchat


The most popular way to send sneaky messages on iPhone, Snapchat is a staple. Get silly or get scandalous; just download this app.

24. CamScanner


Pack that bulky, power-wasting scanner away and import documents painlessly using just this app and your iPhone’s camera.

25. RunKeeper


Strap your iPhone on and track all your walking, jogging or biking miles. Compare workouts with friends right from the app, too.

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