Samsung Galaxy S6: Smartphone Gold

18 Mar 2015

Samsung has been the center of some oohing and awing with the release of its past few Galaxy generations. First it was the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with it’s handy dandy edged panel that was a marvel to techies. Now, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Usually it’s Apple that has the gadget world talking about innovative design, but looks like Samsung is finally catching up.

Of course, the ideal smartphone shouldn’t just look good. It ought to function flawlessly and have at least a few unique features that you can show off to your friends—you know, play a round of my horse is bigger than yours.

So, beyond design, does the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge stack up as a smartphone worth coveting? Indeed, it does. Here are the top features that make the S6 Edge worthy of the title: Smartphone Gold.

S6 Edge Features You’ll Love

  • This bad boy has one helluva camera. Its auto real-time HDR, an incredibly fast f/1.9 aperture lens, with smart optical image stabilization will enable you to take selfies and group shots that are certainly social media worthy.    
  • Both the S6 and S6 Edge are capable of wireless charging! Yes, that’s right, you know longer have to worry about your charger that you always lose. One of the major perks of the S6 series.
  • Unlike the Note Edge, the S6 Edge isn’t a problem for left-handed users. Since the note is curved on both sides, you can choose which side the edged panel is on, thus eliminating any visual awkwardness (like flipping the entire phone on its head, as you would have to do with the Note Edge).
  • This phone has unique glowing qualities. You can program your phone to glow different colors based on who’s calling. That’s something new and creative!
  • It’s Virtual Reality (VR) ready. Samsung recently entered the VR market with its Samsung Gear VR headset. Well, the S6 Edge is Gear VR compatible, and thus could launch you into limitless worlds of VR magic.
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