7 Reasons Why You Should Buy HTC One M8 Today

24 Jul 2014
There are so many great smartphones in the market today that it has become extremely difficult to pick one. If you have never used an HTC smartphone (even if you did), here are 7 reasons why you should buy the new HTC One M8 today!

Apple vs. Samsung: What’s the Difference?

24 Jul 2014
Apple or Samsung? This is one of the hottest questions in the mobile industry at the moment. These two brands are the hero and antihero for users, depending on which side they take. If you’re about to buy a new smartphone and can’t decide whether you’re an Apple or Samsung fan, here are the main differences to consider. Apple vs. Samsung: What’s the Difference?

Credit limit program

21 Jul 2014
What is the credit limit program?

When you sign up for service with Bell, your account may be enrolled in the credit limit program, which gives you either a $200 or $300 spending limit. While in the program, your amount owing, including any usage we have not yet billed you for, must stay under the credit limit. This will keep your mobile phone service active. The credit limit is lifted from your account once you have made 6 consecutive monthly bill payments on time.

You can view your credit limit, amount owing, and details about your usage and charges at any time by logging in to MyBell or by checking the MyBell app on your smartphone. 

Canada Day Contest: Show Us Your Canadian Pride to Win!

01 Jul 2014
The national day of Canada is coming up and we want to give you a chance to win a gift from Cellcom: a free Samsung Galaxy S5! All you have to do is enter our “Canada Pride” Sweepstakes to win.

How You Can Win

Winning a free phone was never this easy and fun! Simply snap a photo showing how Canadian you are, upload it to your social media accounts and share it with friends! There are absolutely no restrictions to your creativity, as long as it stays within the confines of common decency and decorum! Find your best Canadian trait and let it shine through your photo! Simply use #cellcomlove and tag @CellcomCa (for Twitter & Facebook) or @Cellcomcom (for Instagram.) Those photos with the most likes will thus win a free Samsung Galaxy S5. Now how easy is that?

Best iPhone Apps to Have This Summer

26 Jun 2014
Having the smartphone suitable to your personality is great, but you’ve got to fill it up with the best apps in the market, too. And there are so many of them you can get lost. Here is a short list of the best apps you should have this summer. Don’t worry, we’re not going to put pressure on your budget; these are all free apps everyone can download.

Festival Secrets to Go Wild on Bell TV

26 Jun 2014

If you’re obsessed with the latest movies and shows available on Bell TV, wait, there’s something more you can’t resist this summer!

Music festivals and shows are such a fun part of our entertainment life. We’re sure the majority of you have secretly craved to be a part of the festivals not just as a participant, but an organizer as well. You could meet the greatest names in the industry, work with them in the same room and finally help to make the exciting concepts acquire shape and form.

This sounds very motivating, but you’ll most probably change your opinion a bit after watching the new television series Bell has prepared for you! Your favorite shows are not the perfect and polished material you see on TV. Some of you might even be shocked to see what it really takes to organize a massive event. By the way, that’s what the series are called – “The Event.”

Top 20 Montreal Things To Do For St. Jean Baptiste Day 2014

23 Jun 2014

St. Jean Baptiste Day, La Fête Nationale, Quebec Day, no matter what you call this week’s holiday, you better be ready to celebrate. Today and tomorrow are going to be two full days chock full of huge events, parade, bonfires, and drunken folk celebrating all things Quebec, so make sure you know what’s going on.

What is Wireless TV?

21 Jun 2014

What is Wireless TV?            

With technology advancing more and more, we no longer want any strings attached. Similarly, we don’t want a maze of wires crawling in our living rooms. That’s why wireless is the future of television.

Although many have claimed that television is about to lose its importance, and TV sets will no longer be popular, TV was preparing a special surprise. What if you could turn your TV into a computer, and not your computer into a TV. You could still browse your favorite channels or TV shows, make some pop-corn and get comfortable on a couch. You can also find a movie from a number of databases and watch it on a big screen. Now that’s a nice family evening! 

Sony Xperia® Z2 smartphone available exclusively at Cellcom

09 May 2014
Xperia Z2 customers will experience revolutionary mobile video integration with Bell TV apps only on Canada's largest 4G LTE network

Bell  announced the national availability of the exclusive Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone. Operating on Canada's largest 4G LTE network, Sony's latest smartphone is equipped with the new high resolution 13.2 cm (5.2") Full HD TRILUMINOS™ display that can take full advantage of Bell mobile TV services.

Cellcom Communications presents the latest photography aid: Shutterball

06 May 2014

Technological advancements have bestowed cameras on our cell phones and led to the trend of “capturing every moment.” While our cell phone’s camera may not compare to professional photography, they do a pretty good job at taking decent everyday shots. As of now, the most commonly used cell phones are touch-screens, it can therefore present a few complications when taking photos. For example, it can be difficult to tap the spot that controls the shutter at the precise location. Although some phones have a button on the side for shutter control, it can still be hard to reach—depending how you’re snapping the picture. Oftentimes this leads to an awkward juggling act with your phone and ultimately disrupts the angle you were aiming for and snap a blurry shot. 

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