HTC One M9 concept image visualizes wider form factor

26 Nov 2014
The alleged HTC One M9 release date is still far off but creative thinkers keep on coming up with new concept images that speculate on the probable specs and features that will appear in the handset. This time, designer Rishi Ramesh imagined the upcoming HTC One M9 with a wider body.

The Best Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now

26 Nov 2014
Right now is the single best time of the year to buy a smartphone.

It may sound like something you’d read in a weekly circular, but it’s true: All the smartphone makers have released their best wares in preparation for the big holiday buying season. Some can be found at their lowest prices, especially this Friday and Monday.

Smartphone Addiction: Fact or Fiction?

24 Nov 2014

Let me guess -- you’ve probably got your smartphone on you right now. Heck, you may even be reading this on you iPhone or HTC.  

Am I right? Well, take a look at these astounding statistics.

iPhone 7 – Release Date, Rumors, Leaks And Concepts

24 Nov 2014
Although the iPhone 6 can still be considered a relatively new device, there are already rumors emerging about what could be included in the next cab off the iPhone rank, the iPhone 7. This massive smartphone release won’t hit the stores for around ten months yet, but Apple will already be working internally on what will be included in this extremely important mobile device.

Corning debuts Gorilla Glass 4 to save your smartphone

24 Nov 2014

Corning said Thursday that the company has begun shipping Gorilla Glass 4 to its customers and partners, with the goal of preventing shattered screens when a smartphone drops facedown onto a solid object.

Corning claims that its new glass is about twice as strong as older aluminosilcate glass. The new Gorilla Glass will be used in phones or tablets to protect the glass from shattering in case they’re dropped.

#Bendgate: Don’t Bend Your iPhone 6

21 Nov 2014

Bendgate is an interesting phenomena that began when several customers complained to Apple that their brand new iPhone 6 bent while in the pocket.

Bending iPhones? Seems a little farfetched.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display wins 'best of the best' for color accuracy

21 Nov 2014
If you’re looking for a superior smartphone or tablet, you couldn’t go wrong looking at the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. But if you want the mobile device with the most accurate colors, there’s only one to buy.

Samsung Gear S: a smartwatch that is really a smartphone

21 Nov 2014
When Samsung launched its first smartwatch just over a year ago, its main objective seemed to be bragging rights that it pipped Apple to the wearables market.

Since then, Apple has announced its own Watch coming out next year, Google has launched its Android Wear range, and Samsung has brought out more and more wearables. The Gear S with 4G, out this month, is its sixth smartwatch and it is incredible both how fast the technology has improved – and how much there is still left to fix.

Android One Smartphones to Get Lollipop 5.0 Update by January: Report

20 Nov 2014
The search engine giant Google announced its Android One program during June this year at Google I/O conference to bring some feature-rich affordable Android phones for the developing world. It introduced three budget phones, manufactured by Karbonn, 

Spice and Micromax.Reportedly, Spice Dream Uno, Karbonn Sparkle V and Micromax Canvas A1 will receive the worthy Android 5.0 Lollipop update by January 2015.

Samsung decides 56 smartphones a year is too many, will cut lineup by 30%

20 Nov 2014
Samsung has been in a pretty tough spot lately. After several quarters of record profits in 2012 and 2013, the company has crashed back down to Earth. The low point for Samsung came last quarter, when it reported a 49 percent drop in profits. 

At the high end of the market, the company currently has to fight off Apple, which just released a phablet of its own. At the low end, it's going up against a flood of cheaper Chinese OEMs, led by Xiaomi and Huawei.
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