What’s so Special about the iPhone 6’s New OS8 ?

19 Sep 2014

iPhone 6 is dominating all the headlines. The 6 plus’s screen is attracting all the attention, as the Apple’s iPhone 6, just doesn't feel like the standard, iPhone. It’s thin, but it’s firm, it’s lightweight, but packs a punch with it’s processors, not to mentioned it’s now 5.5 inch screen. For years, Apple has remained stubborn, choosing to stick with the idea of maintaining a small screen. That has now changed, most customer reviews are reporting that iPhone 6’s new screen is a marketing approach looking to emulate its Android Galaxy competitor. But beyond that, what is catching a lot of people off guard, and is less talked about is the OS system the iPhone 6 will be equipped with.

The iPhone 6, is now equipped with a new operating system known as the A8. And from what reviews are showing online, this OS is one that has immediate high speed results. Here are some characteristics that have been introduced and improved with the new OS in the iPhone 6.

  1. Camera and video displays have slightly improved, still maintaining an 8 megapixel focus. However it now comes with a 240 frame capturing camera for slow motion video.

  1. The keyboard offers a better texting service which is intelligent, and takes into account the context of the conversations in terms of auto-correct and word suggestions.

  1. Apps such as ‘Family Sharing,’ allow for users to share their purchases with other users in their family. For example, family members can share games, iTunes, iBooks and more from the App store, without having to repurchase them.

  1. Continuity, is prevalent in the A8 OS as it now features allow you the ability to answer your phone if you’re using your mac computer.

  1. There’s a health app that offers a health and fitness information, providing everything from medical history to diet information. It can record how many steps you’re taken each day, almost as if you have a digital nutritionist and physician in your pocket.

  1. Messaging options now allow you the ability to record your message and then share it with others in a text form. This is most particularly useful for the Apple Watch coming out next year.

The Apple’s iPhone 6 is becoming all the craze for smartphone consumers, yet what’s inside this device is just as important and alluring, as to what’s creating all the hype concerning its size.

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