iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors, Specs: 4 Ways The New iPhone Could Look Very Different

14 Oct 2013
The iPhone 6 release date is rumored to be sometime in 2013, according to multiple sources. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are expected to be two separate phones, with the iPhone 5S most likely released by Apple this spring, and the iPhone 6 coming out a few months after in either summer or fall, Techradar reported.

For the iPhone 6, many pundits are expecting big changes to compete with anticipated launches of other stellar handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 928. 

1. Choice of Bigger Screen

The iPhone 6 could be getting a much bigger screen. Currently, the iPhone 5 has a screen measuring four inches, but Apple could be adding another inch or more to the new device, Heavy reported. Previously, the screen was upgraded from 3.5 inches in the iPhone 4S to four inches in the iPhone 5. But for those who like their iPhone to fit comfortably in their back pockets, Apple is also rumored to be releasing two different sizes for the iPhone 6, IBTimes reported. Consumers can choose from the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 and the 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, but they have never been able to choose different screen sizes for a single model.

2. Different colors

In fact, with the iPhone 6, consumers might expect to be given even more choices in the form of different colors. Traditionally, iPhones have come in just two colors: black or white. But the new iPhone 6 could come in six or eight different colors, IBTimes reported. To test market response to color, Apple's fifth-generation iPod Touch, released last September, came in six different colors. The company could soon branch out to bring color options to iPhones and iPads, as well.

3. Wireless Charging

After the furor of the iPhone's Lightning dock connector, the new iPhone 6 may do away with wires completely. Other companies have already jumped on the wireless bandwagon, such as Nokia, LG Electronics and HTC.  Apple will most likely adopt wireless charging technology developed internally, Digitimes reported. But it's not known whether the iPhone 6 will come with built-in wireless charging capabilities or attached external accessories. For the Lumia 920, Nokia has produced a wireless charging pad. But if the iPhone 6 comes with wireless charging, Apple could still beat out competitors Samsung and Google.

4. Flexible Screen

Sure, a bigger screen and different color options would change the look of the iPhone. But even more drastic are the implications of flexible screen technology, which would really set the look of the iPhone 6 apart from all previous iPhones. Recently, Apple filed a patent application for a phone with a wrap-around AMOLED screen, expert reviews reported. Of course, Apple often applies for patents that never go into production. However, Apple also placed a job opening for an engineer with experience in flexible screens on Jobs at Apple. The position went up on April 1 and was quickly taken down, but suggests that the company is looking into a curved display for future iPhones.
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