The iPad Air 2, Revamped Tablet Gold

20 Nov 2014

With the release of the iPad Air 2, Apple has done it yet again--taken a popular product and reimagined it to be what is undoubtedly tablet gold (literally, the tablet is available in a gold finish now).

New & Noteworthy Features

The iPad Air 2 has a series of new features that you ought to consider before buying, or not buying (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, we love you too). Whatever your preference, here are a few attributes that we think are worth taking note of.

  • A lot of people are most excited about the Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor that is now built into the Home button of the iPad Air 2. This is a much faster way to access your iPad as compared to the four digit pin that was required in previous versions.

  • The added Touch ID technology can be used to do more than just unlock the tablet. Now you can also use Touch ID to make in-app purchases, at least for apps that support Touch ID. This might be an easy fix for parents who have a problem with their little munchkins unknowingly spending profuse amounts of money in the app store.

  • Apple advertises the iPad Air 2 as really being “two amazing cameras, cleverly disguised as an iPad”. The device has the new iSight camera built in, including an image signal processor that works simultaneously with the camera, resulting in fantastic picture and video quality (a.k.a awesome selfies).

  • Our favourite thing about the new iPad Air 2, however, is definitely its lightness (air indeed!) God knows how they did it, but the tech gurus at Apple have managed to make the iPad even thinner, so now it’s even easier to carrier around, and really nice to look at.

A Colour Quandary

Apple has always presented its products in style (remember the matte pastel colours of the early iPods?) The iPad Air originally came to market in two colours, space grey and silver. Now a third option has been added with the iPad Air 2, and that’s gold.

Wondering which colour to choose?

Some may decide based purely on aesthetic taste. However, there are things to consider besides look when choosing an iPad colour. For example the silver and space grey are more prone to showing fingerprints, yet most people warn against the gold since, as the iPhone 5 proved, the gold finish scratches pretty easily.

In the end it really is a question of taste, but one that refers to more than colour: also fingerprint tolerance, and one’s willingness to keep the iPad in a case.

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