Canada Day Contest: Show Us Your Canadian Pride to Win!

01 Jul 2014
The national day of Canada is coming up and we want to give you a chance to win a gift from Cellcom: a free Samsung Galaxy S5! All you have to do is enter our “Canada Pride” Sweepstakes to win.

How You Can Win

Winning a free phone was never this easy and fun! Simply snap a photo showing how Canadian you are, upload it to your social media accounts and share it with friends! There are absolutely no restrictions to your creativity, as long as it stays within the confines of common decency and decorum! Find your best Canadian trait and let it shine through your photo!

Simply use #cellcomlove & tag @CellcomCa (for Twitter & Facebook) or @Cellcomcom (for Instagram.)

Those photos with the most likes will thus win a free Samsung Galaxy S5. Now how easy is that?

Creative Canadians

We know as a Canadian you have a spirited disposition. You simply have to channel the depths of your Canadianness and put it into artistic form! The most creative and attention grabbing photo will garner the most likes. Thus, we challenge you to show us what Canadian pride looks to you and to represent through a photo.

About the Samsung Galaxy S5

The new generation Samsung Galaxy S5 has innovated various features and represents the latest innovations in SmartPhone technology. A few of the elements that have been improved have been its camera and its design. Here is the breakdown of some of the things you will find in the new generation Samsung Galaxy. The newest innovations to the Samsung Galaxy S5 are its capabilities. The new generation Samsung Galaxy S5 has an Ultra Power Saving Mode making your phone even more reliable than the previous generation Samsung Galaxy series.

Use the Ultra Power Saving Mode to extend your battery life when your phone is running low on battery--instead of having your phone turn off, it will run on the minimal battery requirements to operate basic functions. Now, your finger is the key to your phone with the finger scanner security access feature. The phone has a updated its security feature to make it personal with your own fingerprint. You can now unlock your phone in faster and more secure ways with the swipe of your ginger. Other innovations to the Samsung Galaxy S5 are its look and design. It has been made to be both dust and water resistant, making it a truly durable product.

Winning the latest generation Samsung Galaxy S5 have never been easier--or this much fun! The contest lasts from July 1st till July 10th. On behalf of Cellcom we wish you good luck and await your entry. Happy Canada Day!
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