How does the iPhone 6 Weigh Up Against the Samsung galaxy?

19 Sep 2014

    Let’s face it, we all know that much of the improvements and changes that have come with the new iPhone 6, are in consultations with rise in popularity of the Android Samsung Galaxy S4. Bigger screens, versatility of apps, and even efficient payment plans, have made even the most diehard Apple iPhone lovers to be skeptical of their own choice for a smart phone.

    The release of the iPhone 6 is a reflection of this concern, with Apple now seeking to orient its device around many of the features which have made the Galaxy line so popular. Most famously, and the one catching all the headlines, is the iPhone 6’s screen. The new release now features a whopping 5.5 inch display, while its smaller brother hosts a 4.7 inch display.

    And Apple doesn’t appear to be stopping there, as now not only is the iPhone 6 offering a device that’s neck and neck in terms of Galaxy’s aesthetic display- iPhone 6 will now also provide a whole new and configured internal system. The A8 operating system is certainly an OS that’s turning heads.

    Joshua Topolsky, product reviewer from Bloomberg, wrote that these are “the fastest mobile devices (Apple’s) ever made,” and that, “these phones scream." when it comes to speed.

    In terms of the actual ergonomics, the Galaxy S4 when compared with the new iPhone 6 are both similar in their size’s display, however they are quite different when it comes to their design. The S4 appeared to be too thin, and to the point where one might fear it snapping in their hands. The new iPhone 6 however, is framed in that high quality aluminum case that Apple consumers are used to. Adam Taylor from the Sydney Morning Herald noted, that when regarding the Galaxy s4, it felt more wafer-thin and ‘plastic like’ then when compared to the iPhone 6, as it felt more firm and studier.

    When it comes down to it, the new iPhone 6 comes off as a synthesis of the Galaxy line of phones, but with the unique Apple touch in terms of its lightning speed OS, and its second to none ergonomic style. Both Galaxy lovers, and Apple lovers, will come to love the new iPhone 6, as it adopts much of Galaxy’s facets which are making it popular, but while still retaining its high quality Apple traits and designs.


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