Festival Secrets to Go Wild on Bell TV

26 Jun 2014

If you’re obsessed with the latest movies and shows available on Bell TV, wait, there’s something more you can’t resist this summer!
Music festivals and shows are such a fun part of our entertainment life. We’re sure the majority of you have secretly craved to be a part of the festivals not just as a participant, but an organizer as well. You could meet the greatest names in the industry, work with them in the same room and finally help to make the exciting concepts acquire shape and form.

This sounds very motivating, but you’ll most probably change your opinion a bit after watching the new television series Bell has prepared for you! Your favorite shows are not the perfect and polished material you see on TV. Some of you might even be shocked to see what it really takes to organize a massive event. By the way, that’s what the series are called – “The Event.”

They feature 8 episodes in the documentary and reality genres. The series are exclusive for Bell TV subscribers only. So, if you’re a Bell TV customer, make sure to have your Bell TV app ready for the series, as that’s what you’ll need. The series will be available in both English and French.

Every week you’ll be taken behind the stage of a massive music festival or event. You’ll meet the organizers – all of them! You’ll see how producers, their crews, the designers and every single person who had worked on the set for the event handle the pressure and excitement.

You didn’t think it was easy to get Lady Gaga or Louis-Jean Cormier perform on your stage, did you? The series will show you how producers build campaigns and plan to engage the most popular artists of the world in their event.

Bell promises to provide a detailed journey for you so that you’ll feel you had a first-hand experience after completing the series. You’ll have visited such festivals as FrancoFolies de Montréal, the Festival international de jazz de Montréal, the Festival d'été de Québec and the Osheaga Music, and Arts Festival.

Time is ticking, so if you want to have a peak from the closed doors of music festivals, settle down your subscription process as soon as possible and reserve the couch for July 2nd. If for some reason you don’t manage to subscribe to Bell TV this summer, don’t worry, Bell will save the series on Bell
Local video on demand for you to watch in September.

If you already have Bell TV, be careful, it’s going to be way too hot in your living room on July 2nd!
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