How Has the iPhone 6 Improved?

19 Sep 2014

    Apple has done leaps and bounds in terms of evolving it’s new iPhone, the iPhone 6, to appeal to the new standards in today’s market.

    When the iPhone 5 was released back in 2013, many reviews had noted that the device felt as if it was still stuck in the past, and just didn’t fit it the contemporary smartphone trends.

    With the release of the iPhone 6 there is a sense that there has been dramatic change both in its external design, and within its internal semantics.

    Apple executives had come to find that Android phones such as the Galaxy S line series were becoming the main bulk of competition. As a response, Apple has come to curtail its standard towards meeting this consumer trend by giving the customer’s what they want- bigger screens.

    The new iPhone 6 offers a stunning new 4.7 inch display, while its larger counterpart offers a whopping 5.5 display. But what’s even more impressive, is that Apple has oriented around the hindrance of having a larger phone by utilizing a new service called ‘reach-ability’ whereby the user will be able to enjoy all the benefits of having a larger screen for display, but one that can still be enjoyed with simply the use of just one hand. The iPhone 6’s new “reach-ability” technique, draws down the menu to the lower section of the screen. This is technique is something quite clever and useful, and will make devoted Apple users think twice when thinking of switching to Android just out of a concern for size.

    But, size isn't everything! Not only has the iPhone 6 improved in offering its customer a larger screen display, within it has also improved dramatically.  

    Bloomberg’s spokesperson, Joshua Topolsky, commented on iPhone 6’s new and updated processor, the A8, saying, "Apple will tell you that these are the fastest mobile devices it's ever made, and it wouldn't be lying. These phones scream!"

    It’s camera still offering a 8 mega pixel, it has a faster focus rate, while video now offers a new slow motion capturing abilities, able to shoot within 240 frames per second. And if that’s not enough, the iPhone 6 also offers a new video stabilization technique allowing video to be free from awkward shaking hand maneuvers when shooting.

    The new Apple iPhone 6 has a beautiful stunning and smooth aesthetic design that will be sure to turn heads. But what’s really great about the iPhone 6, is that it offers the same Apple phone, brand, and familiar OS, that customers have come to know and love, but now evolved with updated processors, and a larger user friendly screen design to fit in with today’s consumer trend.

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