Elegant Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Now Available at Cellcom

19 Feb 2015
When Samsung revealed the design of its Galaxy Note Edge, the tech world exploded with anticipation for the new smartphone’s release. Today, it’s safe to say that the wait is over. Moreover, the elegantly designed and versatile Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is now officially available on the Bell Canada network. 

Anyone who’s seen the Galaxy Note Edge, will tell you that its most intriguing feature is unquestionably the curved panel that gives it a pointed edge, and understandably its name. The screen of the phone is actually one continuously curving piece of glass that makes up a 5.6” Quad HD and Super Amoled display.

Indeed, the edge of the phone isn’t just there for show, even though it does look pretty hot. The new panel serves numerous functions and supports various apps including functions like voice recorder, flashlight, ruler, timer and stopwatch. At night the panel can serve as a continuously glowing night clock, and a vertical swipe across the glass strip will partially wake up the phone to show date, time, weather and incoming notifications.  

Besides the multi-functional edge, Samsung’s new smartphone also boasts fine camera software, microSD memory card support, a removable battery, and high internal specs. It’s a fine phone, and we’re pleased to report that the Galaxy Note Edge is available for purchase at a Cellcom store in your area.

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