Don't Underestimate Blackberry's New Passport

30 Sep 2014


    Just when you thought Blackberry was on its way out, they made a striking comeback with their new phone- the Passport. Though very unique in its style and design, this just may be the phone to reclaim Blackberry’s image. The phone broke records, as in just 48 hours it was sold out on online stores, took the number one spot on Amazon’s phones listing, and its pre-orders surpassed 200,000.

   Called the Passport, because, well, it’s roughly the size of a one (5.03 inches tall, 3.55 inches wide), the new phone’s physical 3 rowed keyboard, and large screen size, will be sure to set new trends in the smartphone industry. What’s striking about the Passport, is not just its structure, or its wopping screen size, but rather the values that’s housed behind its design. This is not a phone which wishes to compete with either the iPhone or Android. Blackberry has gone back to its roots- designing a phone that’s oriented towards the business lifestyle; a phone that’s about getting stuff done.

   Its large screen, and keyboard combination allows for a flawless writing functionality that’s perfect for business emails, without the worry of constant grammatical errors, all too often a negative attribute of virtual keyboards, like on iPhones, or Androids. Yet this workable keyboard goes beyond to provide even more, it’s also used as a track-pad to scroll and swipe through pages. The 3 rowed keyboard also includes an intelligent virtual fourth row that adapts to the content you’re writing, displaying things such as punctuation marks, or text suggestions.


  But that’s not all, this Blackberry packs a punch! A powerhouse of a phone that holds 3GD of Ram, a quad-core 2.2GHz processor, Hotspot micro SD, and a 13 megapixel camera. And apps run fast on this new device. Its QNX OS, is the best operating system Blackberry has worked with up to date, giving the new iPhone 6’s iOS8 a run for its money.


   Interesting new traits of this phone include a more efficient notification centre, that includes all notifications to be centered in one place, so you can keep track of emails, tweets, and calendar posts. Its new application called Blend, allows the Passport to connect with Android Tablets, iPads, Windows PCs, and even Macs, via Wifi or USB, so you can access your emails, or BBM messages while away from your phone. And the old groans of Blackberry not hosting enough apps, are now moot, as the Passport now hosts the Amazon app store, along with its own Blackberry store.   


 These new innovations mentioned make it convincing, that the new Blackberry Passport will go beyond its loyal customers base of Blackberry die hards, and now extend into a new consumer market. Be sure to check out the Cellcom store today to try out this unique business class of a phone, and be sure to check back here for more news about the Passport, and Blackberry’s comeback.  

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