Does the iPhone 6 Really Bend?

02 Oct 2014

The iPhone 6 has only been out for a little more than a week now, and already rumours are beginning to spread. Dominating all the news feeds on social media, is the apparent flaw that the iPhone 6 is so fragile that it bends easily.

Hayley Tsukayama, consumer technology specialist for the Washington Post, took to the task to see if there was any truth behind these rumours. Officially out of the millions of iPhone 6’s that have been sold in this past week, only 9 customers have reported any issue in terms of bending. Tsukayama consulted Squaretrade, a business whose sole purpose is to test the physical reliability of a phone, and how vulnerable it is to damage. A sort of crash test dummies for smartphones if you will. Squaretrade decided to give the iPhone 6 a bend test.

The first to try and bend the phone was average height, Jessica Hoffman, who considered herself moderately strong, but nonetheless could not manage to make the phone bend, even when trying her hardest at all the right pressure points. Yet this was not the same case when professional bodybuilder and certified personal trainer, Pace Lu, took a shot at it. Benching just over 450 lbs, he was able to put a bend in the phone after only a few seconds, commenting that he was only using about half his strength. Yet, not much conclusion can be drawn from when someone of that size is intentionally trying to bend the device, so the next test Squaretrade decided to conduct was one more practical in terms of everyday usage.

Squaretrade had an employee whose waist was 31 inches, wear the phone in the front pocket of very skinny jeans for thirty minutes. Though the employee noted that the experience was very uncomfortable, there was no consequences to the phone itself. Squaretrade then took a further approach of having that same employee do a series of 10 squats with the phone in the front pocket of the same skinny jeans. The results yielded the same, nothing. So as a conclusion it can be understood that, yes the iPhone 6 can bend, but only if you’re intentionally trying to. It’s not a consequence of just everyday usage. It was later found out that much of these bent iPhone 6 photos that appeared to be dominating Twitter and Facebook, were in fact photoshopped.

But Squaretrade didn’t stop there, they decided to perform an entire Breakability test, and the results were actually astonishing. The first test conducted was a slide test. This most notably due to the new smooth and round outer design of the iPhone 6. When testing both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on wood and plastic, it was found that the 6 Plus took longer to stop sliding on account of the slight increase in weight compared to the standard iPhone 6. Next was the Water test. Both phones were immersed into water for a period of 10 seconds. After being taken out, there were no significant consequences aside from only the audio being temporarily shut off, only to return shortly after a few minutes. Lastly, was the Drop Test , where a machine was to drop the phones from a distance of 4 ft. After 6 repeated drops, the iPhone 6 only had minor scratches, which according to Squaretrade, was the best performance of any phone that had gone through their drop test cycle.

On Squaretrade Breakability test, 1 being perfect, 10 being awful, the iPhone 6 scored a 4 on their medium risk Breakability test, and the iPhone 6 plus scored a 5, being slightly more vulnerable on account of its size. So despite all the hype about the iPhone 6’s vulnerability and fragility, Squaretrade was quick to affirm that it actually proved to be the most durable iPhone they had ever tested.

In today’s realm, things can go viral in an instant without there actually being any fact checking behind the content that’s being said and spread. That appears to be the case with the iPhone 6. Against all the negative rumours being spread about it, the facts show that the iPhone 6 is quite the durable phone, that can withstand a good amount of usage. If interested in learning more about the iPhone 6, and 6 Plus, be sure to check out Cellcom today. And be sure to check back here for more updates about the phone that’s attracting all the attention online these days, the iPhone 6.
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