Cellcom Communications presents the latest photography aid: Shutterball

06 May 2014

Technological advancements have bestowed cameras on our cell phones and led to the trend of “capturing every moment.” While our cell phone’s camera may not compare to professional photography, they do a pretty good job at taking decent everyday shots. As of now, the most commonly used cell phones are touch-screens, it can therefore present a few complications when taking photos. For example, it can be difficult to tap the spot that controls the shutter at the precise location. Although some phones have a button on the side for shutter control, it can still be hard to reach—depending how you’re snapping the picture. Oftentimes this leads to an awkward juggling act with your phone and ultimately disrupts the angle you were aiming for and snap a blurry shot.

Now you can control the camera from a simple device with the Audiovox ShutterBall exclusively available at Cellcom.ca

The ShutterBall is a remote shutter for your SmartPhone camera that allows you to take perfect hands-free photos every time, anywhere. It is fairly simple to use: all you need to do is install a dedicated camera application via Bluetooth pairing and work wonders with your photography. Simply position your phone and squeeze the remote to release the shutter. Shutterball triggers your smartphone’s camera and takes a sharp still or video.

Durable and portable: you can carry it on your keychain or loop it through your jeans. The small and sleek design allows you to take perfect pictures every time. Forget about distorted or blurry images. Now you can have more precise shutter control, allowing you to snap images at the precise moment. With just a small squeeze you can control your phone’s shutter; making it perfect for all types of selfies, long-range, or group photo. It can be use 60 feet away from your phone, allowing you to capture candid images; just station your phone and step away to wait for your shot. Conveniently, ShutterBall comes with a mini easel stand for your Smartphone. 

Its lightweight design makes it portable and practical. You can carry it as a charm -- it fits perfectly on a keychain—or loop it onto your jeans. It comes in four innovative colors, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. The ShutterBall uses a coin cell battery, and has a 5-year battery life. It is confirmed to work with the iPhone 5, 4, 4S, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Gen, and the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note. 

ShutterBall makes for a perfect gift due to its small and portable design. Hundreds of users cannot part with their ShutterBall, attesting to its efficiency and practicality! Make the most of your phone’s camera and transform your shots with a simple squeeze.

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