Best iPhone Apps to Have This Summer

26 Jun 2014
Best iPhone Apps to Have This Summer

Having the smartphone suitable to your personality is great, but you’ve got to fill it up with the best apps in the market, too. And there are so many of them you can get lost. Here is a short list of the best apps you should have this summer. Don’t worry, we’re not going to put pressure on your budget; these are all free apps everyone can download.

Quiz Up

We’re for apps that make you have fun and challenge your intelligence as well. “Quiz Up” is a great way of spending time on the road, in a waiting room, or in the street and learning new things at the same time. The app offers around 150,000 questions in 250 topics. That’s quite the list! You’ll definitely find that one topic to pick your brain.
By the way, the app allows room for competition with both yourself and other users!


If music usually gets the deepest part of our soul, you probably had situations when you hear a song on a radio and want it right away! Writing down the lyrics, asking around or bombarding the Internet is so time-consuming. Instead, “Shazam” can get you the information in a matter of minutes. Hold your phone close to the speakers and the app will find the name of the artist and the song for you.

If you’re having a hard time reaching your goals or keeping track of the daily tasks, “” can be that best friend that reminds you about everything. It’s great for people who’re so busy they don’t remember what they’re busy with. The app offers a great tool for being organized every single day. Don’t forget to set a task “Have some rest.”


When it comes to medicine, it’s better not to read too much information online, because then you find the symptoms of the weirdest and the rarest diseases on yourself. Instead, “WebMD” is a good source of information that will help when you actually NEED it. Besides a very light portion of advice, it also provides the list of medical centers and pharmacies around you. It shows instructions for emergency situation and how to deal with them. Let’s hope you never need to use this app, but when you do, you’ll be glad you’ve downloaded it.


It’s summer! And we hope you have plans of traveling to the best heaven on Earth and getting the amount of rest you’ve earned! Moreover, the iPhone app called “GateGuru” is ready to accompany you in the airports, making sure your name never gets called and you manage to do souvenir shopping at the duty free shops. The app gives you profound information about the airports, the time needed to travel from one gate to another, the amenities near you, and so on.


We hope you already have this app on your iPhone. If not, you should get your hands on it before you decide to travel anywhere. This translation service will make you feel welcome in foreign countries when you start talking to the locals in their own language.
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