#Bendgate: Don’t Bend Your iPhone 6

21 Nov 2014

Bendgate is an interesting phenomena that began when several customers complained to Apple that their brand new iPhone 6 bent while in the pocket.

Bending iPhones? Seems a little farfetched.

Nevertheless, the idea caught on so quickly that the internet was soon filled with buzz about bending iPhones and videos actually testing the durability of several Apple products.

This experimentation grew so intense over the course of a few months, that Apple eventually issued a statement declaring that it’s extremely rare for an iPhone to bend from regular use. After all, they noted, only eight customers had complained about the iPhone 6 bending since its release.

The tech company even went so far as to invite CNBC into its lab facilities to take a look at their own testing processes. Apple assured that their products are thoroughly tested before going out to market.

Apple’s statement, however, by no means stopped members of the tech community from conducting tests of their own. Consumer Reports ran a few tests on the iPhone, as did nearly every gadget geek on the planet.

Samsung decided to view Bendgate as a PR opportunity, launching a video proving that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could survive the bend tests that took down the iPhone 6.

To this day major tech blogs like Mashable and Techcrunch are reporting extensively on #Bendgate, perhaps explaining the growth in popularity of the hashtag.

While Bendgate has amazingly gained attention in the tech world, all legitimate tests seem to suggest that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are indeed non-bendable.

Sure, if you subject your iPhone (or any gadget) to irregular force, it probably will break - it’s not invincible people! But really, why would you do that?

Our suggestion is not to get wrapped up in ridiculous tests. Don’t bend your iPhone trying to make a superfluous point, it’s really not worth it.

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