Bell, RBC launch m-payment service on Samsung smartphones

13 Jan 2014

Canadian operator Bell, and financial services provider RBC, have launches a mobile payment service. The service is currently available on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 smartphones. Bell and RBC have been testing their m-payment service since May 2103, Mobilesyrup reports. The RBC Wallet, powered by RBC Secure Cloud, is a mobile commerce service that allows Bell and RBC customers (debit or credit) to make small-ticket payments from a mobile device.

The service is currently available on Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones running Jelly Bean OS, an an NFC-enabled SIM card. Users do not need to download another app, as the service is an add-on to the current RBC Mobile Android app. M-wallet users can now pay for items at any locations that have Visa payWave or Interac Flash (payments are limited to CAD 50). Additionally, services wusers will receive points every time they make a payment, and can also sign up for personalized offers with RBC Secure Cloud.

Bell and RBC plan to expand their m-wallet service to the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10, Bold 9900, Bold 9790, Curve 9360, and a range of Android devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG.


How will it work?

You can make quick and easy payments just by tapping your near field communication (NFC)-enabled Bell smartphone next to a contactless payment terminal.

To make a purchase:

  1. Launch the RBC® Mobile app on your Bell smartphone.
  2. Select the card that you want to pay with from the RBC Wallet, located within the app.
  3. Tap your smartphone against the contactless terminal to complete the transaction.  

Where will I be able to use it?

You will be able to make mobile payments at retail  locations that have contactless terminals. Visit Visa payWave® and Interac Flash™ for information on participating locations.

Am I protected?

Yes, leading-edge technology will  be used to help ensure the security and protection of your account and payment information.

  • Bell’s NFC SIM cards comply with global security standards and have been certified by both VisaTM and MasterCardTM
  • Transactions receive the same level of protection as transactions made with a plastic card
  • In addition to your phone password, the RBC Wallet provides an extra layer of security with a requisite passcode

Getting started

You will need:

  1. A  RBC debit card or Visa card and access to RBC® Royal Bank Online Banking.

  2. One of the following NFC-capable devices, with the NFC function turned on:
  3. A Bell NFC SIM card:
    • As a new customer, you'll need to insert the Bell NFC SIM card you received with your device.
    • If you’re an existing customer, and have an older phone with a 4G LTE or 4G LTE Micro SIM card, please purchase a Bell NFC SIM card. Once you receive your new NFC SIM card, visit to transfer your existing service.

  4. The latest version of the RBC® Mobile app installed on your smartphone. A data connection is required to download and set up the app. Learn more

Coming soon


Bell and RBC Royal Bank customers will soon be able to make mobile payments with more Android and BlackBerry 10 superphones. Eventually, you’ll also be able to redeem coupons and collect loyalty points.

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