Apple vs. Samsung: What’s the Difference?

24 Jul 2014
Apple or Samsung? This is one of the hottest questions in the mobile industry at the moment. These two brands are the hero and antihero for users, depending on which side they take. If you’re about to buy a new smartphone and can’t decide whether you’re an Apple or Samsung fan, here are the main differences to consider.

Release Style

One of the major differences between these two brands is their style of releasing products. The wait for a new Apple product is always long; they have tested the iPad for 8 years before releasing it to the public. This is also one of the reasons why there are very few updates that Apple releases after the launch of its iPhones. However, this means that Apple doesn’t manage to provide a price and style variety, which Samsung does. Samsung spends less time working on a product and prefers rolling out updates after the release instead. This also means that after buying a first generation Samsung phone you’ll still have to keep an eye on the new updates.

Design Focus

Apple pays a lot of attention to design and branding. Everyone remembers the earphone branding ads. The introduction of the new two-tone aluminum back has made it even more attractive. Apple usually has a very confidential team of designers that work hard on every single detail of the gadgets. That’s also one of the reasons why Apple is always extremely secretive about its products and future plans. However, the main design elements don’t change from one iPhone to another. The color variety is what you can choose from. Samsung phones are always thicker than Apple ones, but they have an advantage of size variety, which iPhones don’t have. If you love watching videos and movies on your smartphone, Samsung has screens that will be more than satisfactory for the purpose. Sometimes the screen size can actually make a difference.

Battery Life

While there is no major difference, the Samsung Galaxy S5 (2800 mAh) is more likely to stay awake longer than the iPhone 5S (1560 mAh juice pack). However, when you use your smartphone all the time, you have to expect battery life to become shorter, that’s a gadget rule you can’t break.

Operating Systems

One of the most crucial differences is the operating system. Apple uses iOS, while Samsung phones operate with Android. The Apple iOS is said to be more slick and intuitive, while the Android system has the advantage of being customizable. Final tip: Generally, Apple buyers have a whole set of Apple gadgets. If you have a Macintosh, it will make more sense to buy an iPhone rather than a Samsung Galaxy. But if you prefer other laptop brands, they are easier to sync with Samsung. Both companies have similar features that merely bear different names, but they also have unique characteristics that help distinguish them. For example, the iPhone’s aluminum cover is so strong you could hurt someone with your Mac Pro. On the contrary, Samsung’s Galaxy has the new dust and water resistibility, which tones down the paranoia of dropping your new phone into a pool or getting it wet. If you’re still unsure which army you want to join, visit any one of our stores and our team of experts will provide extensive information about the features, provide the details about every single model represented in our store and help you make the right choice!
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