5 Facts About the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

25 May 2015

Everyone is buzzing about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. With all this commotion in the mobile industry we’d like to provide you with a list of useful facts about Samsung’s latest edition to the Galaxy collection. And thus, without further a do:

1. It's basically the same as the Galaxy Note 4

The Note Edge is in many ways identical to the Note 4. The designs are nearly identical — aside from the curved edge, of course — all around, and the internal specs match up point-for-point except small differences in battery size. Wonderful screen quality and resolution is also maintained, improved camera and software features as the Note 4 — just tweaked a tad to accommodate the edge screen.

2. The palm rejection software stops unwanted edge screen touches

One of the continuing concerns we hear about using the Note Edge is how easily you can accidentally activate the screen with the curved edge. Thankfully the answer is "not very easily," as Samsung has done a great job with its palm rejection software to keep that from happening. The edge screen is only looking for very specific touches — mainly directly horizontal and vertical swipes, as well as direct taps on icons — and it does a great job of rejecting everything else. Your palm touching the screen or even putting an errant finger on the edge isn't going to send the phone into a fit.

3. You can use the Note Edge with your left hand … in a manner of speaking

Almost as frequently as the worry about accidental touches we heard concerns about using the Note Edge while holding it in your left hand. The solution to this problem isn't as elegant, and really comes down to two points. First, the Note Edge is hard to use in one hand, regardless if it's your left or right. The phone is wide and somewhat awkward to hold, so most folks are going to be holding it in one hand and touching the screen (or using the S Pen) with their other hand — that's just a reality of a large device.

But if you do need to use the Note Edge one-handed, Samsung has a setting in the edge screen area called "Rotate 180°" that lets the entire phone interface flip so you can actually hold the phone upside down and use it. Now with the edge screen on the left, you can manipulate it with your thumb while holding it in your left hand.

4. There are third-party panels for the edge screen, but they're limited

Panels, or the software than runs on the edge screen, are what unlock the potential of the Note Edge. At launch there were about a dozen available panels, most of which from Samsung itself but with a handful from third-party developers including Yahoo and Twitter. We're now several weeks removed from the launch of the phone and we have only seen one more panel arrive in the Galaxy Apps store. That's not instilling us with confidence, and while the panels that are pre-installed do their jobs, we aren't expecting the amount of software available for the edge screen to dramatically expand.

5. The S Pen is here and powerful as ever

The Note Edge, despite its crazy curved screen, is still very much a Note device. The S Pen is identical to that of the Note 4, and everything you can do with it in the software has been replicated here.

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