Fibe TV Experience

Fibe TV Experience

Introducing Wireless TV

Wireless TV brought to you by the best TV service, Fibe TV. No need to plug all your TVs into a cable outlet. With this innovative technology, you can now enjoy your television service with little hassle, thanks to our fantastic wireless receiver.

Your TVs, just where you want them.

Set up is super easy with Fibe TV, you only have to wire your first receiver - our exclusive Whole Home PVR. The rest, up to five additional receivers, are completely wireless, and that means you can place your TVs just about anywhere.  
Want all of your TVs to be wireless? No problem. Just connect your Whole Home PVR to your Internet modem and get a wireless receiver for each TV set--and voila! 


And you can move it around too.

Enjoy TV entertainment anywhere with Fibe Wireless TV. It`s so easy and you don`t have to deal with drilling holes or connecting a myriad of cables. Kids have a playdate in the morning? Also got friends coming over to watch a game on the patio in the afternoon? With Bell`s Fibe service, you can move your TV anywhere. Simply move the TV and wireless receiver when and where you want them, plug them into a power outlet, and you`re done.

Getting started couldn't be easier.

With Fibe TV, it`s all wireless. As soon as you sign up for Fibe TV for two or more TVs in your house, a professional Bell technician will wire the PVR to the service, activate the wireless transmitter and link each additional TV through our exclusive wireless receiver. With Bell, adding TVs is a real breeze.

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