Bell Satellite TV

Bell Satellite TV

The best Satellite TV service in Canada

With Bell`s Satellite TV and PVR you can personalize your viewing experience. Choose from the largest selection of channels around, and get the movies you want on demand with the best provider in Canada.


The best HD picture quality

Our new next-generation satellite lets you get the best HD picture quality up to 1080p, with our best signal reliability ever.

Canada`s best Satellite HD PVR.

Watch your favorites movies and shows whenever you want with the largest HD recording capacity, 320 hours. With our exclusive Satellite TV PVR app you can also set recordings easily from your TV or just about anywhere.

The largest selection of channels

With the largest selection of channels to choose from, including HD, you can build your own TV programming that you`ll surely love. You can even choose form the largest selection of international channels.

The best satellite TV service on any screen

Enjoy your favourite programming anytime and anywhere. With Bell.1 you can get your satellite TV service on your tablet or smartphone with over 100 live and On Demand TV channels. From your flat screen to any screen, only with Bell Satellite TV.

More movies

Want to watch movies at home the same day that they hit theaters? With Bell, you can. Plus, get access to more movie networks available from any other provider, along with the best blockbusters on demand. All the best movies, available to you at the click of a button.

Satellite TV keeps getting better


Get The Movie Network free for two months


Moving soon?

Bell remains dedicated to bringing you the best technology available. With our newly launched, state-of-the-art Nimiq 6 you can have a more reliable signal. Plus, now we offer more channels and recording capacity, and a new and improved programming guide to ensure that you make the most of your TV service.   Order the Movie Network today and get it free for the first 2 months! You can have hundreds of hit movies and exclusive TV series brought to you by the best satellite service provider in Canada.   Moving? We`re here to help. Just let us know about your upcoming move and we’ll make sure that your services are installed when you need them.


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