Rate plans

Rate plans

Voice plans

Get the perfect combination
of anytime, night and weekend minutes
with our voice plans


Voice & Data plans

Features like unlimited talk
and text let you stay connected,
plus you get lots of data


Tablet plans

Starting from just $5/month,you can
choose the perfect Flex plan for your tablet.
You can also choose a Share plan to share
data with your phone.


Share plans

Get the best of sharing
by setting up a sharing group for up
to ten people. Each person
within the group can pick their
own plan and features.


Prepaid plans

Try a prepaid plan with the best
features like anytime minutes, data, unlimited
evenings and weekends or unlimited
international texting.

No contracts or credit checks involved!


Mobile Internet plans

Get the best rate available with
a flexible data plan for your Turbo Stick,
Turbo Hub or MiFi device.





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