Calling Features

Calling Features

Never Miss a Call

Features   Details
Call Answer   Lets callers leave you voicemail even when you're on the phone.
Voice Dialing   Call your contacts without having to dial their phone number. Simply say the name of the person you want to call.
Online Voice Mail   This innovative service lets you retrieve voice messages online as well as from your phone.
Online Voice Mail with Extensions   Online Voice mail with extensions will allow up to four family members to receive their own private and separate voice mail inbox at no additional cost.
Call Answer Message Manager   Have up to three additional private voicemail boxes as part of your Call Answer service, plus many other enhancements.
Call Forwarding   Forward incoming calls to any other number.
Last Call Return   Hear the last number to call your home and have the option to call it. Also, you can be notified when a busy line you're calling becomes free.

Know Who's Calling

Features   Details
Call Display   See who's calling before you decide to answer.
Call Waiting   When you're on the phone, be notified of another incoming call.
Ident-A-Call   Have another number for your existing phone line with its own distinctive ring.
Visual Call Waiting   When you're on the phone, see who's calling and decide which call to answer.

Control Your Calls

Features   Details
Call Privacy   Block all incoming calls from unknown callers.
Call Control   Control the calls being made from your home, such as long distance calls and calls to specific local numbers.


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Basic long distance rates

If you're not already on one of our long distance plans, check out our basic long distance rates.

You’ll find everything you need to know about the cost of making calls within Ontario and Québec, across Canada, the U.S. and overseas.





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